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wet wipe machine -wet wipes machine

Description                 Min  /  Max
 Nonwoven width range

 90mm to 250mm

 Nonwoven height range  110mm to 220mm
 Package width

 50mm to 80mm

 Package height  80mm to 140mm
 capacity / per minute  100 sachet/min
 Liquid dosing  Between 1gr nd 12 gr
 Dimensions and weight  85cm X 190 cm X 170 cm - 500 KG.
 Electricity requirement  2,5 KW. - 220 V. AC 50 - 60 hz.


Machine Features
 Control System : Siemens PLC controller
  • Control Panel :Siemens Touch screen 7 inch
  • Operation by Photocell-without Photocell
  • Outer packaging and inner wipe motors are stepper motor
  • On-screen digitally adjustable package sizes and nonwoven size setting
  •  Ease of passage between measures. Special rail system that can be adjusted quickly and easily between the short time periods.
  •  Production of desired wipes from 5x6 to 14x14
  •  Digital tachometer indicating net capacity of the machine per minute
  • Silent operation(according to simulars)
  • Advanced smart system having multi-program capability
  • Special programs to reduce the fire that may be caused by printing errors
  • Software update via internet
  • Digital thermostat with the sensitivy of (+ -) 2 Cº
  • Automatic stop in desired quantity
  • Tail system being capable of rapidly and easily shaping internal towel
  • Ergonomic design providing easy use
 Free operator training, 2 year warranty


Optional Equipment
V tear notch
Discharge Conveyor
 Date, Serial No Coding Group
 Bi-direct  Separator
 Liquid Filling Unit

-We use world famous and top quality brands of machines-logo.trakya.brand

Fully automatic wet wipes packaging machine is a machine designed to produce single use wet wipes. Disposable wipes are also used in many other sectors such as restaurants, cafes and restaurants. Other sectors include hotels, airline companies, catering companies. When used as the cheapest advertising medium for wet wipes in the local market, it gives very good results locally. For example, furniture and galleries make a successful local advertisement on the cheap road as a sponsor of restaurants, cafes and restaurants in the region.

Our wet wipe machine is made of 304 stainless steel. Fully automatic wet wipes packaging machine can be used to pack wipes in desired dimensions. Packages produced for packaging machines (PET ALU PE three layers laminated) are printed first on flexo printing machines. Packaging is conducted automatically by attaching printed rolls to the packaging machine. The machine counts the number of produced wipes and places them into a box. The desired size of the package to be packed is set by the operator in milimetres. The cloth inside the wet wipes is a material known as non-woven. The non-woven roll / coil attached to the machine is an average length of 4,000 meters. In the fully automatic wet wipe machine, the desired size is written in milimetres on the touch screen. Thanks to the intelligent motors of the wet wipe machine, the operator folds the non-woven fabric to the extent that is written on the screen and cuts it into the package. The volumetric system pump of the wet wipes machine injects the desired amount of liquid into the wipes packs by pulling it from the reservoir. Wet wipe fluid varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is usually taken as a base of 10 to 16 liters.

How to make essential oil for wet wipe ?

These 10 – 16 liters of essences are mixed with 1 ton of purified water to give 1 ton of essence. The fragrant essences are prepared by chemical companies. Inside are perfume, oilr emover, antifoam, soap dust, stain remover, preservative and PH stabilizers as well as various chemicals.

Trakya machine gives 2 years guarantee for every machine it produces. Wet wipes produced on this machine are not used only as hand wipes, but also as wipes for cleaning of laptop and TV screens, removing of nail polish and make up, polishing of leather,  cleaning of glasses lenses  and similar kinds of disposable products. In addition, the liquid filling pump can be connected to the machine. When a liquid filling pump is added, this machine also packs alcoholic beverages, ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, pomegranate juice, olive oil as well as cosmetics anti-bacterialproducts such as facial masks, clay, lotions, hair creams, shampoo, handsoap, shower gel and hand cleansing cream.

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