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Properties Min  /  Max
Filling Weight 1 mg. to 100 gr.
Package Width 30 mm to 140 mm
Package Size 40 mm to 140 mm
Production Capacity per Minute 60 pcs to 70 pcs
Dimensions of the Machine 85cm * 190cm * 170cm
Weight 500 KG.
Electricity Requirement 2,5 Kw - 220 Volt
Filling system Volumetric


General Properties of Machine
Entirely stainless appearance 304 quality
Control System: Siemens PLC controller
Control Panel :  Siemens Touch Screen
Operation by Photocell –without Photocell
Package motor is equipped with STEP motor
Weight adjustment automatically adjusted over the screen
Volumetrik actuated gate valve and filling the system.
Digital tachometer indicating net capacity of the machine per minute
Silent operation
Advanced smart system having multi-programme
Special programme reducing loss to occur due to printing errors to zero
Software update via internet
Digital thermostat with the sensitivity of (+ -) 2 Cº
Ergonomic design providing easy use
Free operator training, 2 years warranty
Opsiyonel Özellikler
Special Form Steel Unit
Front Band Conveyor
Date, Serial No Encoding Group
Bi-directional Separator
Hot Press-Cold Press


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